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This 12 month radical reset is an opportunity to rewild the whole of who we are. To reclaim our power, authority and energy, and our rightful place as heart centered human beings existing in harmony with the natural world.

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‘The Good Life – It’s all in the soil’

Field to Fork Taster Part 1: by Jo Tytherleigh
Soil health is where it all begins.

This is not your usual food blog. For us, this is real life.

We are not stylists or filmmakers. We are holistic chefs and food educators, out there in the world doing our thing, trying to make a difference.

Our thing is intuitive cookery and helping people come back to what is right for them.

The courses, videos and articles that we share prove that holistic cooking is real and accessible to anyone, anywhere. Even when you think you don’t have the perfect kitchen, the perfect body, or the perfect life.

We like to give you the essentials and leave you to create the magic.



The Health Benefits Of Gardening

The Health Benefits Of Gardening

by Jo Tytherleigh
Field to Fork Taster Part 4: Getting your hands in the earth has more benefits than you might think. Here we take a look at some of the many reasons why gardening is so good for you.

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Gardening For Bees

Gardening For Bees

by Jo Tytherleigh
Field to Fork Taster Part 3: Bees are a vital part of our survival and for the diversity of our food. What can you do, in your garden or outdoor space, to help the bees?

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