Holistic Cookery Workshops in Calstock, Cornwall

with Jo Tytherleigh & Kate Allen

We have six half day cookery workshops coming up in the first half of 2020, held at Calstock Village Hall in East Cornwall.

The popular Vegan Basics, Sourdough, Fermentation and Summer Salads workshops are back, covering the essentials such as nut milks and butters, tofu, mayo, bread baking, sauerkrauts, kimchi and nut cheeses, to name just a few.

Best of all, you get to eat what we make and as always, there will be lots of samples to take home!

Plant Based Vegan Meals :
January 25th, Calstock Hall
On this very practical hands on course you will:
* learn to make your own seitan, and then use it in a fabulously hearty main dish
* learn to make your own tofu, and use it to make a gorgeous asian style meal
* make a dairy and egg free centrepiece dessert
* make your own chocolate

Sourdough Bread:
22nd February, 2020
Create a more nourishing kitchen at home by learning to bake your own sourdough bread.
* make your own sourdough loaf
* harness gut-friendly microbes to boost your internal health
* master the process to make your own wonderful and unique loaf back in your own kitchen.

Vegan Essentials:
March 21st, Calstock Hall
Explore and create a variety of plant based vegan essentials.
* make non dairy versions of milks, butter, and cheese
* make egg free sweets and snacks like nut butters and cake.
* make wholesome, protein rich crunchy baked crackers

Fermented Vegetables:
April 25th, Calstock Hall
Learning to make your own vibrant and living fermented vegetables at home.
* make your own ‘dry brine’ ferments like sauerkraut.
* make your own ‘wet brine’ ferments like onions and chillies.
* make a ‘paste ferment’ called kimchi
* make the popular probiotic fizzy drink called water kefir.

HKA Essentials – Savoury:
May 23rd, Calstock Hall
Learn to make your own essential kitchen basics from scratch.
* make your own butter and simple but gorgeous cheese
• make your own spreads and pestos from vibrant rich seasonal ingredients
* make your own delicious and nutritious stock/vegetable broth
* create and blend your own spice mixes

Spectacular Summer Salads:
July 25th, Calstock Hall
Create a more nourishing kitchen at home by learning to make your own beautiful salads.
* make a variety of exciting and enticing salads from locally grown, seasonal produce
* learn how to balance the five flavours to make incredible dressings from scratch
* master the process to make your own wonderful and unique creations back in your own kitchen.

Calstock Workshops: Calstock Village Hall, Calstock, Cornwall, PL18 9QA
Time: 10:00-14:00
Investment: £65 (includes all tuition, food, info/recipe pack, take away samples and free gift).
Contact: For more information contact Jo at info@jotytherleigh.com
*Booking Essential

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