Holistic Cookery Workshops in Calstock, Cornwall

with Jo Tytherleigh & Kate Allen

We have six half day cookery workshops coming up this Spring, held at Calstock Village Hall in East Cornwall.

The popular Vegan Basics, Sourdough & Fermentation workshops are back, covering the essentials such as nut milks and butters, tofu, mayo, bread baking, sauerkrauts, kimchi and nut cheeses, to name just a few.

Also added this season is the Holistic Kitchen Basics, Indian Basics & Summer Salads.

Best of all, you get to eat what we make and there will be lots of samples to take home!

Fermentation Basics:
Sunday 7th April/July 20th
Covering Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Wet brined vegetables and Shio Koji. Includes a fermented lunch and essential fermenting kit to take home.

Sourdough Basics:
Saturday 15th June
Learn how to harness wild yeasts in a sourdough starter and create delicious digestible bread.
Includes a fermented lunch and your own sourdough starter culture plus essential baking kit to take home.

Vegan Basics:
Come and learn how to make the plant based dairy and egg free basics that you regularly buy. Reduce packaging and be additive free. Includes plant based milks, nut butters, vegan butter, mayonnaise, tofu and more.
Includes lunch time feast and essential kitchen kit to take home.

Holistic Kitchen Basics:
Saturday 8th June
Creating healthy kitchen essentials from scratch, using whole ingredients, reducing packaging, utilising waste. Making your own stock, pesto, crackers, seasonal hummus, spice blends and more.
Includes a lunch time feast and essential kitchen kit to take home.

Summer Salads Basics:
Saturday 6th July
Learn to make a variety of raw and cooked seasonal salads and dressings from fresh local ingredients. Includes infused oils and flavoured vinegars.
We will feast on what we create, and you will take home gifts and essential kitchen kit.

Indian Cooking Basics:
Learn the basics behind the craft of Indian cooking. Make your own ghee, temper spices, create curry pastes and delicious vegetarian curries from local and seasonal ingredients plus a few sweet treats. We will feast on the Indian delights we create and you will take home your own spice blends.

Calstock Workshops: Calstock Village Hall, Calstock, Cornwall, PL18 9QA
Time: 10:00-14:00
Investment: £45 (includes all tuition, food, info/recipe pack, take away samples and free gift).
Contact: For more information and booking please contact Jo at info@jotytherleigh.com

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