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Whether you are an individual, family, business, school or community organisation, there are a variety of ways you can collaborate or work with us. In addition to our courses, we also offer the following services;

One to One
Food & Cookery Mentoring – with Hayley North
Nutrition Consultations – with Kirsten Chick

Holistic Chef Services
Retreat Catering
connect with us to discuss your requirements and have experienced chefs from our team cater for your retreat.
Private Chef – For events other than retreats. No matter how big or small, or wherever in the world, if our approach interests you then get in touch to discuss further.
Nourishing Families – Meal deliveries in the Brighton, UK area, supporting pregnancy and post birth with Rosie Blunden.

Chef Training & Consultancy 
We offer support, training and menu development for caterers such as restaurants, cafes, spas, hotels, retreat venues, schools and community groups. Our speciality is to help you meet the growing demands of a more food conscious customer, within a wide range of budgets and needs. Chef training programmes demonstrate the skills required to use and prepare natural whole foods, increase knowledge and repertoire of vegetarian, vegan and plant-based cuisine in addition to the fundamentals of nutrition. We also cover mindfulness and self-care for cooks and chefs, which we feel is an essential component for anyone who provides food for other people. To discuss your requirements contact us directly.

Bespoke Home Retreats
Personally tailored retreats in your own home, helping you to create a bit of that retreat feeling in every day life. Your bespoke retreat can include: food, nutrition and cookery, yoga, movement and fitness, meditation and mindfulness, natural self care. There are only 3 of these bespoke home retreats, hosted by Hayley North, available per year. For individuals or groups of up to 4 people. Click to find out more.

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