Jo Tytherleigh

I live in Cornwall on a 25 acre smallholding with my partner and our dogs. We keep ‘very’ free ranging chickens and practice natural bee keeping in top bar hives. We harvest as much of our own food as we can from extensive vegetable gardens, orchards and a polytunnel.

I am a long term yoga practitioner and have worked as a retreat chef for the last 5 years, recognising a deep connection between the way that we care for the body and mind during our yoga practice and how we support and nourish ourselves with the food we take in.

Since moving to Cornwall, my cooking has become deeply informed by the intimate relationship I have with the landscape around me, the changing seasons, being out in the elements, and nurturing growth. I am an advocate of the slow food movement that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment.

I love creating clean wholesome dishes with the produce that is grown in my environment, and to share simple techniques around food preparation that bring out the best in flavour and nutrition from that produce.’

I became involved with the Holistic Kitchen Academy because I love helping people find their way back to health and vibrancy through good nourishment. I also really enjoy working in collaboration with like-minded chefs, and this is a fantastic team! I find it deeply nourishing for myself and truly satisfying to be able to offer others a clear and simple path full of opportunity and choice.

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