Kirsten Chick

My approach to nutrition is that ‘food is meant to nourish you, not punish you!’

With over 10 years experience in Nutritional Therapy (as a practitioner, teacher, lecturer and writer), I help people make achievable and meaningful changes to their diet and lifestyle.

My main interest is in how stress and trauma impact us physically as well as emotionally, and the key role nutrition can play here. My approach also encompasses the psychology of eating and how to approach nutrition in a way that is free from stress and judgement.

I have been collaborating with Hayley for almost a decade. Together we created Bloom Holistic Retreats, where we combine our complementary skills and interests in the form of masterclasses, workshops and retreats.

I feel honoured and excited to be involved with The Holistic Kitchen Academy and support its mission to provide empowering food education for all, bringing together like-minded people working in the field of holistic health.

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