Rosie Blunden

Over 10 years ago, alongside Hayley, I played an instrumental role in the birth of The Holistic Kitchen. It was whilst working together at a vegetarian cafe in Brighton that we began exploring nutrition and healthier ways of eating.

Together we set up a local food delivery service, ran stalls at local farmers markets, offered ‘in the home’ private chef services and worked on recipe development. We conducted chef training programmes for a well known health food company throughout a chain of luxury spa hotels in Mauritius and went on the road, to co-manage a large music festival cafe.

As part of The Levity Project collective we hosted retreats and workshops. This was our first exploration into food as an essential component of the retreat process.

With first hand experience of how food affects health and wellbeing, my personal story has influenced my work and approach to cookery. Highly sensitive to sugar in any form and with a history of candida and chronic fatigue, I have worked with food and nutrition over many years in my own healing process.

Over the past three years I have had two children. My life has become dedicated to providing them with a nutrient dense, wholefoods based way of eating. I feel passionate about well-rounded nutrition for children and are interested in how parents can create positive relationships around food with their children.

In addition to being part of The Holistic Kitchen Academy, I currently work as a private chef for people in their homes, providing healing and nourishing meals for those recovering from illness. I also run Nourishing Families, a small business dedicated to supporting new mums and families in the Brighton/East Sussex area.

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