The Elemental Kitchen: A Cook For All Seasons

  • Embark on an adventure of seasonal self discovery
  • Explore who you are as a cook
  • Embrace change that takes you towards a gentler way of being
  • Be supported by two experienced facilitators and community group 

Give yourself the perfect gift at this moment in time.

More than a cooking course…

The Elemental Kitchen takes you on a gentle yet radical reassessment of who you are;
as both a cook and a consumer.
The course guides you towards a stronger continuity between your ideals, and the choices you make in and around what happens in your kitchen and at the dining table.  

This course will guide you to embrace your kitchen as both creative playground and sacred temple, it becomes your launch pad and ground zero for inner work and personal alchemy. Be prepared to look within and discover who you are as a cook, to question beliefs, stories and long held contradictions, and to get real about the influences and authorities we invite into our lives.

If you feel ready to embark on an adventure of self discovery, to embrace change and move towards
a more gentle way of being, then we would love to welcome you into
The Elemental Kitchen.

The five elements

We draw inspiration from the Taoist model of Five Element Theory and bring this ancient nature focused wisdom to the present day, and weave it into the reality of our modern lives.

More than a ‘philosophy’; we use these elements as a practical tool to help you design and create a personal plan for the changes you want in your life.

“If you want to have an embodied, deep, experiential insight into the wisdom of conscious cooking, then this is the course for you. It challenges and guides you in how to look at the energy you bring to all areas of life, in and out of the kitchen.

I absolutely loved this course, and found the teaching to be expertly delivered. I am now going to enrol with HKA for the one year training, The Sensory Apprentice.”

Susie Cunningham, London, UK, Student – The Elemental Kitchen

“I have just completed The Elemental Kitchen course. I learned so much, indeed a whole universe opened up for me to experience, to live, to love and to integrate and challenge myself withThis course deepened my interest to explore further the cycles of life and our connection with nature, on all levels. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and for offering to us your love and passion in such a creative way.

Nadine Rossner, Morocco, Student – The Elemental Kitchen

Course content

✔ 1 x 90 minute personal call with both Hayley & Kate

✔ 10 downloadable weekly lesson outlines and support materials

✔ 17 hours of pre-recorded video and audio content. Including..

          ✔ 11 recorded audio lessons

          ✔ 8 movement videos 

          ✔ 10 themed meditations and more

 ✔ 20 beautifully designed recipe cards for food or drink
(as downloadable pdf) 

✔ 10 downloadable infographics

✔ private facebook support group

✔ weekly assignment, tasks, journaling

✔ bonus material throughout

Module 1

+ weeks 1 to 3 are an in depth assessment of our relationships with food – past, present and future

+ moving towards single ingredients

+ exploring who we buy from

+ understanding branding and influence

+ identifying our authorities

+ unpacking how we cook & how we eat

Module 2

+ dive in to a practical exploration of your elemental kitchen during weeks 4-8

+ each week delivers an immersion into one of the seasonal of elements: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth

+ bring the elements to life through day to day living, meditation, movemement, self reflection and cooking.

Module 3

+ weeks 9 and 10 bring together what you have learned and experienced so far, into the creation of your personal plan for moving forwards by;

+ supporting you into choices for living a life of wholeness & balance

+ building a new network of local and ethical suppliers and producers

I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this brilliant course. It is like getting a new gift every day. So much inspiration, kindness, knowledge and lovely energy from the wise teachers, Hayley and Kate. I just love the holistic approach to food in this course. It is SO much more than simply cooking.

Marie Thostrup Greve, DK, Student - The Elemental Kitchen

Kate and Hayley have been so inspiring and I came across them at just the right time in my holistic/food journey. The Zoom sessions on food energetics have revolutionised how I see my food… it’s like seeing it with new eyes! They are interesting, fun, approachable and very interactive in their sessions. It’s been so nice to connect with them and I can’t recommend their classes highly enough. Thank you for getting my brain and body thinking!

Rhiannon Starks, GP, Cornwall, Online Learning Student

Meet the course leaders

Kate Allen & Hayley North

Individually, we each bring an abundance of varied experience and passion for holistic food education and a life lived more gently in tune with the seasons.

Together we work perfectly as a team behind our shared message of food as pivotal to our mental and spiritual – as well as physical – health, as well in equal connection with the world around us.


What are the course dates?

The material within this course is designed to fit a 10-week period and this is what we recommend to get the best from it. However, as the course is mostly self led then you can choose to take it as slow or quickly as feels good to you.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. We will never turn anyone away who really wants to do the course. If finances are challenging at the moment then please do contact us and we can work something out together.

What will happen after I enrol?

You will receive an email confirming receipt of deposit that secures your place on the course.

You will also be asked to supply a schedule for any future installments, if there is a remainder to pay.

How do I access the course material?

On the date that you enrol, you will receive an email containing your log in information for the online platform where the course is hosted. 

All the modules and content can be found here. You will be sent a link seperatly for your live call and we will be in touch via email to arrange the date and time.

You’ll find ongoing support from current and past participants by joining our private Facebook group.

What happens if I can’t keep up with the programme?

Life happens, and committing to 10 weeks can be a challenge. 

All the course content is yours for life (through download or with private links to material held online). This allows you to work on and revisit and deepen over time… in your own time.  

In short, this course – all about navigating and nourishing ourselves through the rhythms of life – and is designed to equip and support you through all that can arise during the 10 weeks, and beyond.

When is the live Zoom call?

The course includes a 90 minute personal zoom call with us, for you to discuss and get guidance on any aspect of the course and the materials. 

Once signed up we will be in touch to arrange this call with you.


Your investment:

The 10-week course is £355
We prefer to cut out the middle man and avoid giving fees to large companies and corporations. Investment for this course is made directly to us at the following details. You will receive an invoice as confirmation as soon as payment is received:
Miss H North/Monzo Bank/Sort: 040004/Account: 63812343

For international payments please contact us directly for more information.

We are also offering an upgrade option:
Get the course, plus a an additional one-hour 1:1 Mastermind session with one of the course leaders, for £430

Or to enquire further about this course, contact us directly.

“I have done self work for many years, but nothing has hit my heart like this has. This course is helping me merge all the things I was struggling to bring together, into the physical. I love cooking but food has been love/hate for me for so many years, but now I am reconnecting the energetics of food and my kitchen with the energetics of everything! It speaks a memory of rememberance to my soul and I can’t thank you enough for bringing this together.”

Kelsey Webb, Cornwall, UK, Student - The Elemental Kitchen

 “I signed up for this course on a whim, and I am so glad that I listened to my intuition on this one. Kate and Hayley take you on a magical journey, into places you have never even heard of before. They artfully guide you to see the world around you through a whole new lens.

 Yes this is about cooking, but it is also about so much more than that. It is about our energy, the energy of our food and the world around us. Every aspect of the course is brimming with their compassion, passion and consciousness. I finished it with such hope and restored faith in the future of our world.

Lisa Forbes, Berlin, Student - The Elemental Kitchen

10 steps to create your Holistic Kitchen

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