The Elemental Kitchen: Becoming A Cook For All Seasons

NEW DATES: 11 Week Online Programme – Starts September 20th 2020

“We are only halfway through this brilliant course and I thoroughly enjoy every part of it. It is like getting a new gift every day. So much inspiration, kindness, knowledge and lovely energy from the wise teachers, Hayley and Kate. I just love the holistic approach to food in this course. It is SO much more than simply cooking.”

Marie Thostrup Greve, Devon UK - The Elemental Kitchen Student

I am interested, how do I sign up?

Contact us directly to enquire or apply for this course, or click the button below to reserve your place now.

It is important to understand that this course is not a cooking course.

What this course is, is a radical reassessment of where we are at, where we have come from and where we are heading.   

Food is at the heart of all of our courses because food matters. Along with air and water, food is something that unites us all, every day of our lives. 

The kitchen is our playground, our launch pad and ground zero for the inner work.  So, be prepared to look within and discover who you are as a cook, to question beliefs, stories and long held contradictions, to get real about the influences and authorities being invited into our lives.

If you feel ready to embark on an adventure of self discovery, to embrace change and move towards a more gentle way of being, then we would love to hear from you and have you in the group.

You can be assured of an intimate group, with a maximum of 18 people. This ensures your facilitators can give their fullest attention to every participant.

Course Start Date: 20/9/20
Course End Date: 30/11/20

Frequently asked questions

When are the live zooms?
The weekly live zoom sessions are held on alternate Tuesdays
2-30pm and Thursdays 5.30pm, GMT . You are welcome to attend some or all of the call, or if you can’t make it then all sessions are recorded and links uploaded into the private facebook group.

What happens if I can’t keep up with the programme?
We understand that life happens and that committing to 11 weeks is a challenge. However, the value in doing this course alongside the rest of the group offers a level of community and support that enriches the journey tenfold. 

This course is all about the rythmns of life and is designed to support you through all that arises during the 11 weeks, and beyond.

All content is available for life – through download or with private links to material held online.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes. We will never turn anyone away who really wants to do the course. If finances are challenging at the moment then please do contact us and we can work something out together.

How do I access the material?
Once your space on the course is confirmed, you will receive an email containing your log in information for the online platform where the course is hosted. All the modules, content and links to the live Zoom classes can be found here.

Price Options

Kate and Hayley have been so inspiring and I came across them at just the right time in my holistic/food journey.
Their zoom sessions on food energetics have revolutionised how I see my food…it’s like seeing it with new eyes!
They are interesting, fun, approachable and very interactive in their sessions. It’s been so nice to connect with them
and I can’t recommend their classes highly enough. Thank you for getting my brain and body thinking!

Rhiannon Starks, GP, Cornwall - Online Learning Student

Since working with Kate at one of her fermenting workshops, I’ve introduced various ferments (especially kimchi) into my diet, I am currently no longer getting gastric pain and am off my meds for it! Can’t wait to attend future workshops.”

Danny Roberts, Student - Fermenting Vegetables Workshop

Working with Hayley 1-2-1, she took into account all my personal circumstances to help devise something that would work for me. She supported me to take it at my own pace, making changes gradually. I love how Hayley is a true holistic chef, taking many factors into account and supporting others to find what works for them. Her compassionate approach makes the process such a joy.

Nathalie Joel-Smith - Yoga Teacher, London

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