The Elemental Kitchen: Becoming A Cook For All Seasons

NEW DATES: 10 Week Online Programme – Starts September 14th 2020 

This course is a gift. One that is perfect for this moment in time.

A gift that takes us on a journey into the elements, into ourselves and into our home. 

A rediscovery of connection to the seasons, and toward an inner knowing to empower us in our kitchens.

Right now, we have all been challenged.

Where once was endless rushing and lists, routines and demands, this challenge came with an opportunity to slow down; hidden within the restrictions came the freedom to reflect on what is truly important in our lives. 

We have felt fear, resistance, frustration, anger, and grief; yet we have also felt the glory of the sky above us, the blooming of the plants at our side, the joy of time spent in discovery of new skills to support us during this period.

We have been given the space to ask deeper questions, and assess our trajectory, and explore the meaning in our lives.

We may right now be trying to resist the lure of business as usual; yearning to continue and enhance the changes we’ve felt and embraced.

Hopeful to catch hold of the real, sustainable, positive transformation that we glimpsed through the lens of this extraordinary experience, and make it last. Hopeful to live differently to how we lived before, and to give more generously to ourselves in time and the pleasures that a life lived in rhythm with the cycles brings.

Food is something we interact with multiple times every day, and it’s something we take for granted. 

Our relationship with food has been shaken by current events. Access to what we need, who we buy from, availability, and the breadth of ingredients we cook with; suddenly the means through which we provide for ourselves was torn away. 

Many of us have realised how vulnerable we had become;  how unconnected to food, home cooking and the basic necessities we have become. And we longed for the skills of our grandmothers.

This course focuses on rekindling the connection, and the energetic inner work that supports our journey to health: sourcing food, cooking and eating, all in tune with our intuitive knowing; supported by the five elements method.

Most importantly, it guides you to create a feasible and practical plan to take you forward beyond the course, into a more natural, whole and balanced relationship with food; food that makes us thrive mind, body and soul. 

If you have become lost in a world overwhelmed with choice and confusing advice from food companies, then this course is the springboard into cutting away what no longer serves through the realization of how we eat relates to who we are. 

The kitchen was once the hub of the home.

The hearth, the fire, the pots and the pans. The podding of the peas, the peeling of the root vegetables; the stirring and the alchemy of creating food for the table where everyone would gather.  

Food is not just eating together; it is our daily medicine. Through the nutrients we eat, and the company we share.

Food nourishes us in every way and at Holistic Kitchen Academy we believe that Food Energetics is Everything Energetics.

The people who grew our food, where we sourced it from, how we select and combine the ingredients for our plate, and even in what frame of mind we eat our meal is all connected.

For how we do one thing is how we do everything.


our courses are designed with the specific aim to work in small groups 

we hold an intimate space to immerse yourself, transform your thinking 

and take back the power of self agency. 

rediscover trust and faith in yourself, your skills and your inner knowing

Take the first steps toward becoming a cook for all seasons, in a kitchen that supports you and your health, in harmony with the world around you.

The Five Elements is a method of flow within Traditional Chinese Medicine. More than a ‘manual’ of what to eat, it guides us toward personal decisions and choices in life that support and uphold wellbeing.

The Elemental Kitchen flows through the cycle of the year to the rhythm and tune of these five distinct yet interconnected seasons.

Once we understand this flow, we can move with it as it takes us through our emotional world, our organ systems and pathways, our physical health.

It also teaches us how to eat with the seasons and their corresponding tastes to balance our wellbeing ad holistic health.

The seasons draw us into an understanding of our place in the world thorough their every detail, as well as showing how our actions feed back into our environment to tread more gently on the earth.  


the journey of the elemental kitchen

This course is mapped out over a 10 week period, with 3 distinct modules*

Module 1 covers the first three weeks and is all about helping you to get clear about YOUR baseline. It is the time to pause and reflect, to really take stock and uncover deeper truths, before moving forward.  

Our course material and assignments will gently guide you into the inner work necessary to make real lasting sustainable change.The work that is necessary for YOU to become THE leading authority in your own life.  

Where are you at? What is your current relationship with food? How are habits and patterns of the past showing up in your day to day?   

What is it time to let go of so that you are free to move on?  

Then we can start to look at the first steps towards reconnection, with food and the community around us.  

How do we shop? Who are we giving our money to? What choices are we making as a consumer? Is this in alignment with the kind of world we really want to live in?  

Had we ever considered that how we cook and how we eat are also key areas to pay attention to?  

With full support from our team leaders, you can embark on this enquiry in full confidence that we truly do have YOUR best interests at heart.

Module 2 is an exploration and embodiment of the Five Elements,
time honed approach based on the observation of patterns of connectivity in the natural world. Cycles within cycles that everything in nature is part of, including us. 

For too long now man has considered itself above and beyond this interconnected web, pushing further and further for superiority and higher importance in the order of natural law. We can see clearly now where this mindset has led us to, as a species.

This approach offers us a time tested map to navigate our way to our own inner knowing, to feel truly empowered in the choices we make throughout the days, months, years and cycles of our lives.

Over five weeks, the classes and course material, recipes and assignments, help you bring each of these elements to life – through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Module 3 covers the final two weeks of this journey.

Now is the time to let go of anything that has not been serving us or has been keeping us stuck in patterns of being that are limiting, restricting and ultimately holding us back – from optimum health and a sense of deep contentment with who we are. 

You will be fully supported in creating a personal action plan to take beyond the course, and have the time to consolidate the process of this. 

Hayley North and Kate Allen are the HKA team members leading this course. 

Both Hayley and Kate have cooked and cheffed in a huge diversity of settings – from cafe’s/restaurants, pop-up eateries and hotels, to writing and developing cook books, teaching, back to employment schemes, large scale events, retreats and serving food in refugee camps. We take our ethics of treading gently into everything we do.

Most importantly, we both walk our own personal evolving transformative journeys with food and health, underpinned by our long term practices in yoga, movement and meditation. 

We share tools, knowledge, practical skills and insights that are useful in everyday life. The teaching style is to guide and support, rather than to preach or claim that we have all the answers. 

What we have in abundance is a wealth of experience and passion: for holistic food education, and for life itself. What brings us perfectly together as a team is our message of food as pivotal to our mental and spiritual – as well as physical – health.


Our Support To You Includes

A balanced and holistic programme: including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects

✓ A maximum of 25 people: giving you value, real genuine support and a personal touch 

Weekly live streams: regularly check ins and a chance for Q&A  

An assured non dogmatic approach: individual empowerment, that has only your best interests at heart (no preaching!)

Two experienced facilitators that walk their talk, sharing tools and practices that actually work

You will leave this course with…

A grounded and embodied understanding and appreciation of seasonal living inspired by the Five Elements method

A balanced holistic perspective on the relationships between food, movement, breath, meditation, nature, lifestyle and relationship choices

More confidence as an intuitive cook

✔ Skills that enable you to feel less reliant on recipes and outside influence, create a deeper friendship with your kitchen

Connection to a community of like minded people 

 ✔ A personal starter plan for to take the Five Elements approach forward into your life after the course.

the ingredients of an elemental kitchen

Module 1: Everything is interconnected – the energetics of food is the energetics of everything 

Wk 1: Assessing our relationships with food – past, present and future 

Wk 2: The food we put on our plate  – what are the ingredients, where did they come from, how are they prepared 

Wk 3: Putting a meal in our mouth – how we eat is just as important as what we eat


Module 2: Discover yourself through the map of The Five Elements  

Wk 4 – 8: Spend a week each immersed with the elements of water, wood, fire, each and metal. Bring them to life through day to day living.


Module 3: Living a life of wholeness & balance 

Wk 9: Building a new network of local suppliers and producers. 

Wk 10: Creating your personal action plan. 



Bespoke tailoring of your personal plan with a one to one hour private mastermind session for an additional reduced price of £75

Since working with Kate at one of her fermenting workshops, I’ve introduced various ferments (especially kimchi) into my diet, I am currently no longer getting gastric pain and am off my meds for it! Can’t wait to attend future workshops.”

Danny Roberts, Student - Fermenting Vegetables Workshop

Working with Hayley 1-2-1, she took into account all my personal circumstances to help devise something that would work for me. She supported me to take it at my own pace, making changes gradually. I love how Hayley is a true holistic chef, taking many factors into account and supporting others to find what works for them. Her compassionate approach makes the process such a joy.

Nathalie Joel-Smith - Yoga Teacher, London

The Elemental Kitchen: Becoming A Cook For All Seasons

Investment – €355

✔ 10 live Zoom classes with Q&A, one live per week

✔ 10 pre recorded video talks

✔ 20 recipe pdfs (including food and drinks)

✔ Weekly Yoga or Qi Gong Class

✔ Weekly Meditation

✔ Private facebook support group

✔ Weekly assignment, tasks and journaling material

✔ Bonus material throughout + WEEK 11 added extra

* Has lockdown and social distancing hit your bank account hard? Email us to discuss how we can make this payment easier for you.

your exclusive bonuses

+ Extra special bonus course content, showing up in weeks 3, 6 and 9 

+ Receive PDF copies of  ‘Recipes From The Retreat Kitchen’ Ebooks Parts 1 & 2, by Hayley North

+ A ‘wild plant for every season’ designed especially for this course by Kate Allen

* All this in addition to your 10 week programme


our guarantee to you

We are confident you are going to love this course.

Let us tell you why. 

Hayley and Kate are highly experienced course leaders with many years of personal study and decades of working in the catering industry behind them. 

More than that, they both live and embody this path, are humble enough to always be a student themselves and never stop learning. They have experienced first hand the transformations that this path can bring 

They have worked with hundreds of people around the world and are considered mentors by many. They have witnessed countless times in others how profound and life changing this journey can be. 

As you get into the course, you’re going to see and feel that in action, and just how easy, FUN and empowering it is to reconnect to your inner guidance and inner voice.  

A huge amount of time and attention has gone into this course to make sure that’s the way it is and there is nothing else out there like this.  

But this course is more than the sum of its parts, because it has you. And as we all know, what commitment you bring to the course will determine the extent of what you get out of it.  

*So if you don’t LOVE this course, just drop us an email within 10 days of starting to discuss options. 

Kate and Hayley have been so inspiring and I came across them at just the right time in my holistic/food journey.
Their zoom sessions on food energetics have revolutionised how I see my food…it’s like seeing it with new eyes!
They are interesting, fun, approachable and very interactive in their sessions. It’s been so nice to connect with them
and I can’t recommend their classes highly enough. Thank you for getting my brain and body thinking!

Rhiannon Starks, GP, Cornwall

10 Week Course

One Payment €355

10 Week Course + Bespoke 1-2-1 Mastermind

One Payment €425 

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This will contain your log in information to Thinkific, the online platform where the course is hosted.

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Course Start Date: 14/9/20

We will never turn anyone away who really wants to do the course. If finances are challenging at the moment then please do contact us and we can work something out together.

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