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The Sensory Apprentice


The Sensory Apprentice is a year long practical and experiential journey,
for women.

Moving through each season we explore our sensory world and reawaken ourselves into
our most liberated and connected form.

The course is an invitation to unearth and unlock some of the mysteries of who we are.

The sensory apprentice process harnesses your natural and innate senses – wild and untameable as they are – to free you into the life you want.

The course helps you answer the question ‘what does it mean to be alive now, and how do we become better at being human, as an integrated part of nature?’

We have been taught a disconnection to the world around us that leaves us feeling separated, 
and unsure about what life is all about.

This 12 month adventure works with a sensory map to explore how domesticated and sanitised life has become, and – step by step – the course guides you into shedding these restrictions.

Through the 12 themes of see, listen, taste, touch, smell and yield; knowing, intuition, pleasure, integrity, instinct and becoming; we reclaim and reawaken our senses.

We learn to embrace ourselves and the world anew, as a part of nature who has reclaimed the wild within.

the fundamentals – six monthly components that guide, support,
and inspire you through a sensory enquiry toward radical change

Unearth: to find or discover that which was hidden or lost

  • unearth sits at the centre of the month’s enquiry, to take you into each of the 12 physical and felt senses.
  • audio lessons lead you into an exploration of how to awaken and liberate these senses from the cultural chains that bind them, in support of your growth and transformation as a liberated being.
  • build confidence and trust in your inner self, above the noise of misinformation that bombards us from the outside.

Toolbox: the utensils and skills to build and construct our world

  • work with the unearth enquiry to discover practical tools that bring our precious bodies and homes back under our own control.
  • embrace skills that gentle the way we care for our homes and out bodies, such as skin care products, incense, digestive bitters and wild inks.  
  • grow your confidence and capability, resilience and resourcefulness, to bring more of what you need in life into your own power to create and produce it.

Move: to change in place, position or state

  • move the monthly unearth theme through your body, in a physical exploration of the theme. 
  • video and audio recordings guide you through simple and effective somatic movement practices to enable a deeper sense of freedom and space within.
  • the Qi Gong Animal Frolics series, enriches the work of the month by grounding and activating our bodies
    in line with the theme.

Run wild: to grow or develop without restraint or discipline

  • explore the very essence of your connection to the natural world and your deep ancestral spirit. 
  • practical teachings take us out into our environment to encounter new ways of working and entering into dialogue with nature.
  • build your self sufficiency through practices that connect and bring us into deep union beyond their practical skill, such as salt harvesting, beating the bounds and cordage making.

Hearth: the cheerful fire that burns at the centre of our life

  • explore alchemical skills that helps us reclaim our kitchens – slower foods, that are seasonal, ancestral, and intuitive.
  • adopt and become adept in methods and techniques that create a more personal relationship with food and significantly increase your ability to bypass buying mass produced ingredients.
  • get hands on, making for yourself many of the basic items that underpin the human diet – salts acids, fats, grains, bacteria, and spices – as well as miso, vinegar, butter, yogurt, cheese, tofu, tempeh, pasta, noodles, and stocks.

    Ritual: the conscious process of personal growth and change

      • deconstruct your current relationship with ritual, both ceremonial and within the everyday.
      • redefine and rebuild practices that hold deeper, clearer personal meaning, and bring relevance to your life.
      • move into authentic connection with the self and the world around you.

      how does the year work?

      More than a course The Sensory Apprentice is an experience,
      a process and an opportunity to work towards a fierce and fearless connection in your personal truth.

      More than an online platform The Sensory Apprentice creates an intimacy that holds you through your process, and creates bonds within the community of women around you.

      More than staring at screens we use our online platform to
      simply hold the content of audios, videos, and beautifully designed printable materials. We include monthly structured group sessions, community hang outs and bespoke one to one calls, held via Zoom. A private facebook group is available to support you in making the content real and bringing it to life through your everyday.  

      We are known for our unique courses, events, retreats and experiences, for holding safe space, and creating opportunities for connection. The material is active, experiential, and takes you outside into connection in a myriad of life changing ways.

      Your time as a sensory apprentice will lead you into the creation of something very special that our previous apprentices are finding highly beneficial, empowering, strengthening and soul nourishing. Deeply connecting to your inner wild and truth.

      You don’t need to live in the middle of nowhere to take part; quite the opposite. We believe connection back to nature comes from finding the wild in the self, wherever we are or live. Begin to find the mountain in the brick, the ocean pouring through your kitchen tap, the forest in your windowbox.

      what’s included and faq

      Material is released monthly. In total the year contains:

      – 12 x themes: in the form of a seasonal and sensory self enquiry

      – 12 x rewilding explorations: reclaiming being human as a part of nature

      – 12 x tailored movement practices: to explore and embody the monthly theme

      – 12 x empowering kitchen methods: with over 40 skills, techniques and recipes

      – 12 x skills and tools: to bring natural and self sufficient living into your home

      – 12 x ritual explorations: into how rituals and habits make or break your connection to nature and the wild 

      – 12 x live zoom calls: deepen the experience with monthly structured reflection sessions and community hang outs

      – ongoing community support: via private facebook group

      – 3 x private mastermind sessions: with your facilitators

      – sensory apprentice kit: a beautiful gift pack with ethically and carefully sourced items that support and enhance your experience.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. When are the live calls?
      Group calls are scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm, once per month. Personal calls are every 4 months, also held on Wednesdays.  

      Q. Do I miss out if I can’t attend the live calls?
      These calls are optional and all are recorded for you to enjoy at a later date if you are unable to attend. 

      The live calls are a big part of what makes the group cohesive. They create community and offer a space for support, connection and sharing. To get the most out of this journey we recommend you attend where possible.

      Q. What happens if I can’t keep up with the programme?
      We understand that life happens and that committing to 12 months is a challenge.

      All content is yours for life to sustain and keep with you beyond the life of the course – through download or with private links to material held online.

      However, this adventure is all about the rhythms of life and is designed to support you through all that arises during the year, and beyond.

      The value gained in doing this alongside the rest of the group, enriches the journey tenfold.

      investment & payment options

      All payments can be made via BACS to the following account:
      Name: Kathryn Allen 
      Account number: 67152176 
      Sort code: 04-00-04 
      BIC: MONZGB2L 
      Bank address: Monzo Bank, Broadwalk House, 5 Appold St, London, EC2A 2AG, United Kingdom

      * For International enquiries please contact us about IBAN details. 

      I am interested, sign me up! 
      If you have any questions or you would like to chat with us before booking, we would be very happy to arrange a call.

      Or reserve one of our limited spaces now. Make the full investment or leave a deposit to secure your place, and pay your balance at a later date. 

      On receipt of booking you will receive a confirmation email with full details of what happens next.

      Please do talk to us if you really want to do this course but are experiencing financial difficulties. We are always open to making our courses as accessible as possible.


      Investment & Terms
      Full Investment: For any cancellation made after full payment has been received, a refund will be given if another participant can be found to take the place. This must be before the course start date.

      Deposit and payment plans:
      We are unable to offer refunds for cancellations made after the course has started.  Deposits are made on initial booking and are non refundable and non transferable.


      Course Start Date: January 21st 2023

      testimonials for our online courses

      I have just completed the 11 week Elemental Kitchen course. I learned so much, a whole universe opened for me to experience, to live, to love, to integrate and challenge myself with. This course deepened my interest to dive even deeper into the circles of life and nature on all levels. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and offering to us all your love and passion in such a creative way.

      Nadine Rossner, Morocco

      Anyone thinking about taking The Sensory Apprentice course: consider if you are ready for change, to live life true to your nature. Every month the personal discovery is supported through exciting and amazing things to learn and do.
      I really love the zoom group calls we have. We have incredible conversations and it’s wonderful to be able to share ideas and ask questions with others on the same journey. 
      This is a course like no other and is beautifully run by two wonderful women who hold our circle strong with immense love and wisdom. 

      Tara North, Brighton, UK

      Kate and Hayley have guided us through the Apprenticeship in a gentle yet firm way.
      They have deeply considered the subjects and put together gorgeous materials. I am thrilled and fascinated every month and each new enquiry builds on the past ones.
      My mind and experiences have expanded more this year than I could have imagined. 
      My Sensory Apprentice sisters, drawn together to take this journey, are warm and generous and supportive as we discover ourselves and share our worlds.
      Corinne Cariad, Wales

      Sometimes serendipity & the universe send people & life changing opportunities our way. This course & group of amazing women are just that & I am so glad I listened to the call within me towards this sensory apprenticeship.

      To feel held, heard, nourished, connected & opened up in so many wonderful ways, an incredible journey & a coming home.
      When I heard about this course I just knew it felt right. This is a unique & incredible adventure that they have created.
      Penny Reeves, Kent, UK


      our approach to this course


      Your Sensory Apprenticeship will be guided by Hayley North and Kate Kensa

      What brings us together is a heartfelt interest in change, and a shared approach that brings together the strands of our lives: the elements, movement, and an unwavering trust in the innate truth of our deep self.

      We come together to support people into a clearer relationship with the self as a natural and wild being: through both our connection within – on the inside – and through the rediscovery of our personal connection to this incredible world that exists outside of us.


      giving back


      Since the beginning of our online based platform, we began our collaboration with Tree Sisters, a reforestation charity. Investing in the charity and the planting of new trees, on behalf of every student that has joined an online course so far and for all who join us in the future.

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