The Sensory Apprentice

BOOKING NOW! 2022 cycle begins January 17th 2022.

Senses are both physical and ethereal: our experience of the here and now in companionship with our ancestral knowledge.

Our senses are as primal and instinctive as they are learnable; as beautifully wild and untameable as they are malleable and possible to harness into our own mastery.

This course is made up of six stepping stones to take the seat at the centre of your own gentle yet powerful life. The material we cover represents a return to instinct, and the realisation that the way we live is within our power to change.

The decisions we make right now determine our future.

We are cultural creatives and sensory beings when we shed off our old skins, and embrace an apprenticeship in the new. 


“everything that we have been taught strives to disconnect us;
this 12 month radical reset that flows through the cycle of the seasons and the senses,
to release ourselves into our truest most liberated and connected form”

Course Components

Unearth: to find or discover that which was hidden or lost

  • sink into all six of the physical senses, and follow them into the realms beyond the body.
  • awaken atrophied senses and come into your body through proprioception and deep immersion into how we experience the world anew.
  • build confidence in our inner knowing through practices that enable us to own and trust our intuition and ancestral knowing.
  • embrace core emotions such as fear, anger, grief, shame and guilt, as deities; divine teachers that bear gifts of transformation and transcendence.

Move: to change in place, position or state

  • we will embody our physical form through simple and effective somatic movement practices that enable a deeper sense of freedom and space within.
  • receive the gifts of a set of ancient time honed practices for self healing, from the tradition of Qi Gong including;
    – mudras
    – self massage
    – sound work for organ cleansing and balancing
    – plus the very special Animal Frolics sequences that enhance the flow of vital life force energy in the body, improve mental focus and connect us with the animal spirits. 

Run wild: to grow or develop without restraint or discipline

  • explore the essence of your connection to the natural world and your deep ancestral spirit. 
  • embrace the primal, the pulse of life, the very beat of our hearts, the blood pulsing through our veins, the breath, our longing to know and be known. 
  • play with the spirit of adventure, our willingness to encounter the unknown and the acceptance of our essential essence. 
  • enter into dialogue with the plant world through the simple and profound practices of dieta and making contact with your plant ally.

Hearth: the cheerful fire that burns at the centre of our life

  • cast aside the recipe books as we look instead at intuitive methods and techniques that will carry you in good stead for the rest of your life.
  • throw off your need to ‘buy’ and get hands on, making for yourself many of the basic items and reclaim your alchemical power and independence in the kitchen: we will explore salt, acids, fats, grains, bacteria, and spice.
  • indulge in a slower and deeper relationship with foods, through exploration of a new process in each module such as:
    – making your own miso, vinegar, and staples such as butter, yogurt, cheese
    – the techniques of making tofu and tempeh, create your own dough based pasta, noodles and breads
    – master the art of creating nourishing broths and stocks.


Toolbox: a collection of utensils and skills with which to build and construct our world.

  • rediscover ancient – and not so ancient practices – that bring under your own control, creativity and choice those things in life that we need around and on our precious bodies.
  • delve into the art of making your own natural household, skin and hair care products, incense, digestive bitters and wild inks.  
  • grow your confidence and capability, resilience and resourcefulness, to bring more of what you need in life into your own power to create and produce it.
  • introduce your own expertise, experience and desires for skills to share with the group.

Ritual & Ceremony: a conscious process of space and time that renders us transformed from who we were before

  • examine, enhance and exoticize the familiar to discover the rituals in your everyday that you did not know you had.
  • redefine and reconnect practices of  everyday ritual and ceremony to bring them into your day to day life with a living breathing relevance in what they mean to you. 
  • form a personal, secular ritual that brings connection, meaning and devotional, supportive discipline into every part of your life. 
  • as the course comes to its zenith through the festive season of Christmas, we reclaim this celebration for ourselves and celebrate with new understanding and skill.

how does it work?

Whilst the main content for this course is held in an online platform, this is not your average online course!

It is important to us to create experiences that feel as intimate and ‘held’ working in this way, as it does when we gather in person.

The online portal simply holds the content, the juice of it is in making it real in your everyday life. This is NOT a course where you will spend hours staring at a screen.

We are known for our unique courses, holding safe space, bringing people together and creating opportunities for connection. Just because this course has a digital aspect to it, that has not changed.

The content offered here is going to get you outside, into your world, forging relationships, making connections and reclaiming the wild one within you.

This doesn’t mean you need to live in the middle of nature to take part, this is for everyone, wherever you live and whatever the environment around you is like.

Many online courses simply send you a link on signing up and that’s it, you may never have any contact with the creators or your fellow participants.

And it’s no wonder the thought of an online course turns many people off. You probably feel totally overwhelmed with online content right now, saturated with too much choice or well and truly fed up with screens and technology in general.

We completely understand. But in using the tools we have to hand in this moment, we are creating something very special, that people are finding highly beneficial, empowering, strengthening and soul nourishing.

Here you get access to your two experience course leaders for a whole year. You get one to one mastermind time, live community calls, you get to feel part of a team of like minded people journeying together, a guaranteed small group that supports each other.


HKA Zoom Community Support

Whats included

– monthly theme with guided tasks

– sensory & supportive movement

– spoken word reflective journeys

– rewilding and mewilding exercises

– kitchen methods, skills and recipes

– emotion owning and reclaiming

– monthly live zoom calls

– ongoing community support via private facebook group

– 4 private mastermind sessions

– bonus ‘sensory wildcard’ material and bonus course gift pack

Q. Do I miss out if I can’t attend the live calls?
These calls are optional and all are recorded for you to enjoy at a later date if you are unable to attend. 

The live calls are a big part of what makes the group cohesive. They create community and offer a space for support, connection and sharing. To get the most out of this journey we recommend you attend where possible.

Q. What happens if I can’t keep up with the programme?
We understand that life happens and that committing to 12 months is a challenge. However, the value in doing this course alongside the rest of the group, enriches the journey tenfold. 

This course is all about the rythmns of life and is designed to support you through all that arises during the year, and beyond.

All content is available for life – through download or with private links to material held online.

Course schedule overview

Module 1: January & February – Listen & Know
– our work in the deep winter will take us within to connect and give voice to our inner wisdom, transmuting fear into precious guides that brings messages of caution, strength and courage

Module 2: March & April – See & Intuit
with spring arrives growth, as we rise into trusting what we
envision for the world, and make plans for what we have to give; embracing conflicts as signposts to what needs attention and action.

Module 3: May & June: Taste & Presence
as we take up our own truth, we bring our gifts into the world; we rediscover ourselves as divine, and find our higher self to be here and present within, instead of something that we must seek.

Module 4: July & August: Touch & Integrity
feeling the earth beneath our feet, we pursue surity and balance in how we offer nourishment to others, while also welcoming in nurture; moving deep into our bodies to gently harness both boundary and devotion.

Module 5: September & October: Smell & Instinct
just as leaves fall from the trees, we cut away that which no longer serves in both environment & emotion; shedding our old skins, we transform and rewild our emotions into powerful tools that lead us to inner simplicity.

Module 6: November & December: Yield/Occupy & Become
apprentice no more!
we step fully into the sensory life to establish our new place in the world; gathering around a new way of living that supports and upholds who we truly are.

investment & payment options

Full Investment: £1500

For the price of a posh coffee a day, you can make an investment into yourself that will empower you with tools and skills for the rest of your life.

Register now to reserve your space.

We have two options available (see below). All course payments are in GBP.  


5% off if paid in full before May 1st 2020 – total £1425


we will contact you directly to create a bespoke payment plan for your balance

All payments can be made via BACS to the following account:

Name: Kathryn Allen 
Account number: 67152176 
Sort code: 04-00-04 
Bank address: Monzo Bank, Broadwalk House, 5 Appold St, London, EC2A 2AG, United Kingdom
International transfers can be made at:
Kathryn Allen
Cooperative Bank
IBAN: GB20 CPBK 0893 0012 2170 14

I am interested, sign me up! 

Our 2022 cycle is now open for booking. 

It is important to understand that in this course, what you put into it determines what you get out of it. You need to show up for yourself. Life will get in the way and distractions will certainly arise over the 12 months.

This course can be a lifeline and a pillar of support, if you allow it to be.

Our approach to rewilding means embracing the wild within us all, as well as connecting more deeply with the natural world. We break free from the illusions that have determined our reality and rekindle those aspects of ourselves that may have been silenced or suppressed. Here, wild means being fully present, fully alive and fully in our power as sentient beings.  

Food is always at the heart of all of our courses and plays a central role in this apprenticeship. Why? Because food matters. Along with air and water, food is something that unites us all, every day of our lives and it is time reclaim the power of our food sovereignty and cease handing this over to authorities that seek only profit. 


Investment & Terms

You can reserve one of our limited spaces now! 

Click the links above to place a deposit or make the full investment to secure your place and pay your balance at a later date. 

Alternatively, please do talk to us about what you can afford right now if you really want to do this course.

You will receive confirmation via email with full details of what happens next.

Deposits are non refundable and non transferable.

Payment plans can be arranged for balance payments and we are flexible to come to arrangement that works for you.

Please be sure that this course is for you and that you feel ready for this transformational journey before signing up.

You can be assured of an intimate group and personal guidance from two experienced facilitators who give their fullest attention to every participant. Limited spaces available. 

Course Start Date: 17/1/22
Course End Date: 10/1/23

The course requires no prior knowledge or experience.

So how do I know if this is for me?

YES if you…..

– heard the call and feel ready to reassess your life and values

– recognise it is time for fundamental personal and collective change

– are prepared to explore the illusions, conditioning and beliefs that hold us back from our true potential

– are excited to explore the wild within and to unite this with a deep enquiry of your environment and the natural world 

NO if you…
– have not yet felt the call for deep and radical change




testimonials – what some of our previous course participants have to say


I have just completed the 11 week Elemental Kitchen course. I learned so much, a whole universe opened for me to experience, to live, to love, to integrate and challenge myself with. This course deepened my interest to dive even deeper into the circles of life and nature on all levels. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and offering to us all your love and passion in such a creative way.

Nadine Rossner, Morocco

“I thoroughly enjoyed every part of The Elemental Kitchen online training. It is like getting a new gift every day. So much inspiration, kindness, knowledge and lovely energy from the wise teachers, Hayley and Kate. I just love the holistic approach to food in this course. It is SO much more than simply cooking.”

Marie Thostrup Greve, Devon, UK

“During the lockdown in early 2020, Holistic Kitchen Academy kept me sane.  I have been fortunate enough to participate in a whole variety of classes from movement to cooking. These have taken place with experienced, enthusiastic trainers who give clear, concise instructions for whatever session taken. We have been inundated with all forms of social media over the months, but I feel I have been learning from the best and I would not have had this opportunity to work with them if it were not for lockdown. I would certainly recommended HKA to every one.

Linda Gore, Twickenham

“I teach about tapping into your inner self, going beyond the physical to see and and feel from a different place inside, the larger self, divinity. Many things I know are so automatic to me I have had a hard time putting a language to them. I remember on our retreat in Spain, thinking that you all have a language for how you feel and experience food, and the energy within and behind it. It was very valuable to see how another experiences the magical world of plants and energy and through that creates an alchemy that nourishes us.”

Susan Caniglia, USA


your course leaders


Your Sensory Apprenticeship will be guided by Hayley North and Kate Allen. We met by chance in the retreat kitchen, where we formed an instant connection and quickly developed a mutual respect and appreciation for each others journeys of personal growth and soul evolution.

Through food we met and share decades of experience in catering, cooking and cheffing in a huge diversity of settings – from cafe’s/restaurants, pop-up eateries and hotels, to writing and developing cook books, teaching, back to employment schemes, large scale events, retreats and serving food in refugee camps. We take our ethics of treading gently into everything we do.

Most importantly, we walk our own personal evolving transformative journeys with food and health, underpinned by our long term practices in yoga, movement and meditation. 

Our passion is to share empowering tools, knowledge, practical skills and insights that are useful in everyday life. The courses we create are centered around the personal rewilding of ‘who we are’ and in supporting others to find their authentic place in the world, to reclaim personal sovereignty, to become resilient, resourceful human beings existing in harmony with the natural world.

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