The Holistic Kitchen Academy team is designed to grow and evolve.

Over the past decade, the founding members have been refining a holistic approach to cookery, through our own personal journeys and work. This is an approach that sees food and nutrition as integral to overall health and wellbeing and aims to bring people back to real, honest, nourishing food and home cooking. It is an approach that celebrates the individual and honours the fact that we each have our different needs.

This is also our passion and what we try to embody and live for ourselves in daily life. Passing on skills, tools, techniques and information whilst inspiring others to care more about what they eat, is why we have come together.

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At the heart of our mission and ethos is collaboration. Through coming together, standing united, sharing and strengthening connection, we are better placed to effect the positive change many of us are looking for.

Food has united us as a team. Yet more than just the ingredients and the recipes, it is our shared concern for the bigger picture. For the disconnection that many people feel between food and its source, the general decline in everyday home cooking and the lack of relevant food education that will support the next generations.

There is no doubt that the growing movement to raise awareness around food, health and nutrition is a good thing.

However, we also live in times where there is an overload of information, advice and choice. This can very easily become confusing, misleading and overwhelming.

What feels more relevant to us right now is to share ways that can help others come back to knowing what is right for them.

Without dogma, diets, labels, stereotypes, trends or quick fixes, our team hopes to offer clarity and inspire confidence. We want to show you just how easy, doable, versatile AND delicious healthy eating can be and more importantly, for you to feel and experience the benefits!

Working with Hayley is always a joy. She is not only a chef but also a gifted yoga teacher, so it is this unique combination that makes her different from all other chefs out there. With her, it is not ‘just’ about the food. A holistic and knowledgeable chef for sure!
Rachel Bonkink

Revealing Vajra Retreats

Jo is the most splendid chef that I have met. Not only because our yoga students just love her delicious and always innovative cuisine, she is also a big part of our viryayoga team.
Josephine Selander

Nordic Yoga Institute

Rosie’s cooking is a very valuable tool for keeping myself and my son healthy, throughout my journey with ongoing illness. The organic meats and seasonal vegetables she uses have wonderful flavour, smell, texture, colour. I feel my health has improved with nutritional nourishment, that is a huge attribute to healing.
Juile Fisher-Jaine, Brighton


As a teacher of nutrition, Kirsten has a fantastic ability to explain quite complicated ideas in a way that can be both understood and applied easily. I have understood more my relationship with food and nutrition and can now apply certain principles, which have proved to be very helpful.
Lucy Corkhill

East Sussex

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