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Your opportunities to work with us in 2022…

The Sensory Apprentice


Join us for an epic adventure!
This 12 month radical reset is an opportunity to rewild the whole of who we are. To reclaim our power, authority and energy, and our rightful place as heart centered human beings existing in harmony with the natural world.

The Elemental Kitchen: A Cook For All Seasons

11 Week Online Programme
BOOKING NOW – starts 5/6/22

Embark on an adventure of seasonal self discovery
Explore who you are as a cook
Embrace change that take you towards a gentler way of being



Join us live!
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Other ways to work with us…

Potion Maker

SIGN UP NOW: Explore the season through
drinks making

This course invites you into a process of exploring ourselves through what we drink, and how the seasons work within us as well as around us. 

In the spring, exploring tonics, citrus, and sour flavours through lovingly crafted recipes, and explore the steps that take your ideas into fruition in the personal enquiry.  

Online materials, and a Facebook community group with Kate Kensa

Seasonal Qi Gong

5 week Spring Course: April 4th – May 2nd

Join Hayley North for a series of seasonal Qi Gong workshops. Designed to bring mind, body, soul and spirit in alignment with the seasonal rhythm, these classes will be focused on effective practices that support us during Spring and nourish the element of Wood.

This course is held live on Zoom every Monday for 5 weeks. Full recordings, presentation and course notes are included.


Our Fearless Generosity Policy

At the onset of this Covid period, we were moved to offer more freely what we had to share, and reflected a lot on the rules of interaction with money and access we wanted to engage with – as well as those we wanted to change. 

We have created a structure of payment that – while supporting us in the work that we do – also enables others to take part if it calls them. Pay more – and we will pay it forward. Pay less and we can offer options to enable this.

It is our belief that in order to experience ourselves differently from the destructive economic parameters that have been taught into us, we must stand in trust on a foundation of sharing that builds a new way of shaping the way we engage with the world.

As well as finding a price and schedule for payments that suits you should you need help in accessing our work, we also plant trees in everyone’s name.

10 steps to create your Holistic Kitchen

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